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  • I just wanted to say Thank You to the people of Dostal Bokas Funeral Services for the compassion and wake services given for my brother W"B" H on the evening of March 2nd 2015. Our family has been using Dostal Bokas Funeral Services for many years. You have helped to ease our burden of sorrow by showing our loved one, our family and friends such care, compassion and respect during our difficult time. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! L.H.D
  • Dear Candice - Thank you for supplying the Elvis CD for A's funeral. It made it so special knowing there was another Elvis from there. You and Teri are wonderful!
  • Kari - we can't thank you enough for everything you did to help us through this difficult time. We greatly appreciate all your extra efforts, especially the poinsettias.
    The S. Family
  • Dear Candice - It was such a pleasure to get to know you! You are a blessing!
    The M.Family
  • Dear Jill - In this busy world when times is so precious, it really means a lot when special people like you take the time to help others. Thank you so much!
  • Dear Barbara - I wish to personally thank you for your recent visit to our Fairview Park home. Your past-burial discussion with me was most beneficial. The book markers will be shared with me our sons and we look forward to the special photo that will be coming our way of both my parents. L. ( my husband) begin filling-out the pre-planning guide that you left with me. Hopefully I will be able to receive a booklet so that I can personalize my records ( perhaps when I come to pick up the forget-me-not seed packets). Please let me know when we can again meet. Yours is a truely special line of work - assisting, comforting, organizing and personalizing the needs of these who are going through the mourning process. You are to be commended for your compassion.
    J. & L. P
  • Mr. Schornik- Just wanted to thank you again for being so understanding and compassionate and also for the flowers you replaced for my daughter T. I wanted to let you know you definitely make a difference.
  • Dear Candice - Again we appreciate you and the staff of the funeral home. For all your did to assist in the preparations and arrangements for both my parents. We both decided we are going to use Dostal Bokas for our own arrangements.
    J. & J.
  • Dear Candice - We appreciate you and the staff of the funeral home for all your assistance in preparing the arrangements for my mothers funeral. Candice, your took the time to make her look beautiful. We are so grateful that she could be shown. We are very happy with the services that we received and will gladly recommend the funeral home to other family members and friends when the time arises.
  • Dear Kari and Dostal Bokas Staff, Thank you for all your help, kindness, and attention to detail for K's service. To me , it was absolutely 100% perfect. I would not have changed a thing. I am very appreciative for everything you have done for me during this very difficult time.