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New Developments

Dostal Bokas Funeral Services prides itself on having the absolute best facility and accommodations when it come to the eternal resting place for you loved one. Check out what we have to offer, call or E-Mail for more information.

The Garden of Eternal Light

 A decorative stamped walkway will be poured creating paths and patios within the garden.  All of the areas that are currently grass will be replaced in the early Spring by a wide and diverse array of trees, ornamental plants, and shrubs creating a truly beautiful garden setting with plants that will bloom at various times all season.  The whole garden will have irrigation and will be accented by landscape lighting which will make the garden glow in the evenings.

Adding to the glow of the section will be the feature at the front of the garden the Eternal Flame. 

A flame is widely accepted as a symbol of eternal life.  In Christian churches, an eternal light is kept burning to indicate and honor the presence of Christ. 

Immediately in front the three-crypt mausoleum will be a circular walkway surrounding an English Knot Garden.  A knot garden is a garden of very formal design where boxwood hedges are intricately intertwined in a beautiful design.

This whole garden will be maintained by our staff horticulturist, Mr. Jewell, who holds a degree and certification in Horticulture from The Ohio State University.

We expect the garden to be completed by Memorial Day 2016.  Please stop in the office or call 440-777-0450 to inquire about substantial pre-construction savings and to reserve your family estate in our new garden.